At we love water ionizers (water alkalisers). I personally use one at home and have not been without one for around 10 years now. Mine is used every single day.

A water ionizer is one of the best investments in a healthy lifestyle after good nutrition.

Regardless (to me at least) if you approve of Sodium Fluoride (NAF) being added to city drinking water, our water today isn’t as good as we would otherwise like to think it is.

On Sodium Fluoride, Sodium fluoride does nothing to protect your teeth. In fact it hastens tooth decay. It also contributes to osteoporosis as well. The only fluoride that has any benefit to your teeth is Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), which is found in well and stream water. Calcium fluoride is the only fluoride that is found in nature. Here’s why. The fluorine atom prefers to bond with calcium but will bond with other atoms if calcium is not available. Here’s the problem though. The fluorine atom will gladly exchange whatever it is bonded with if calcium ever becomes available. Hence why sodium fluoride will destroy your teeth and bones. It is basically robbing your body of its calcium stores as it bonds with the calcium in your body. As for how calcium fluoride protects your teeth, it does so by building up on the outside of your teeth. Not very sightly by modern standards. Sodium Fluoride is produced as a waste product from Aluminium production and also the production of Uranium rods… this doesn’t sound healthy to me.

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Now before any pro fluoride, pro forced medication/poison guys try to tell me in the comments about NAF being good for teeth etc, etc, blah blah blah, consider one of the side effect warnings of pharmaceutical anti-depressant drugs, are you ready for this… suicidal thoughts. Yep, cure your depression with suicide.. unless I misunderstood that somehow. Another example of something not doing what we are told it does would be my once pharmaceutical migraine medication, can you guess what one of the potential side effects was… I’m sure you guessed it, headaches.


Though some water ionizers do not remove sodium fluoride from the city water, the other benefits they provide are invaluable.

The 3 best features of a water ionizer:

Town, city or tap water looks clean… but it only looks clean. It is so full of chemicals that it should come with a hazard warning. Heavy metals, hormones, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines etc have all made their way in to drinking water. A high quality ionizer unit will be able to filter out most, if not all, of the contamination in the water to leave you with pure mineral filled H2O.

High pH levels:
Kind of obvious but water ionizers/water alkalisers increase the pH levels of the water being run through them incredibly. The ideal pH of the water we should be drinking is around pH9-9.5. This pH level is an astonishing 300x higher than standard tap water. Some inonizers allow you to select the pH level of the final water but most will produce water that is pH9 and above.

Antioxidant levels:
Thanks to the ionisation process, the water that passes through an ionizer becomes an antioxidant. This antioxidant level or potential is measured in the ORC scale. This scale goes from a + number to a – number.

So for example; tap water has a ORC value of +300, whereas ionized water has an ORC value of -300 or more. So even if you only ever purchased a water ionizer and never bothered with the rest of the alkaline lifestyle (not recommended though), you would be doing your body a great service.

Other benefits of using a water ioniser/alkaliser unit are almost instantly noticeable in:

  • clearer skin
  • more and longer lasting energy
  • faster exercise recovery
  • better sleep
  • better physical performance/endurance

There are no downsides to using ionized/alkaline water at all.

How water ionisers work.

Depending on the design of the unit, most electronic ionisers use a principal called electrolysis. This process uses electricity to polarise the water between two electrodes, a positive electrode and a negative electrode. Sometime these electrodes are called plates but they are exactly the same thing. In doing this, both acidic water (H+) and alkaline water (OH-) are produced, depending on the +/- activation of the plates.

A great trade off or by product if you will of this process is, that the water becomes highly loaded with Hydrogen (H). Unfortunately, this water based Hydrogen easily escapes in to the atmosphere, but at least it’s there regardless. Hydrogen is vital in our body to keep our blood flowing easily and to maintain blood cell health.

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There are also available less sophisticated alkalising units. Though not using the ionising electrolysis of the electronic units, these filtration systems are a perfectly good option for producing filtered alkaline water. I bought my parents one of these units and they have never had any issues with it at all.

So, are they worth the money?

Without question, a resounding YES.

Depending on your budget, you can purchase a very good filtration and alkalising unit (like the one pictured above) for a few hundred dollars. The larger electrolysis units can cost several thousand dollars, but they do last for a very long time.

Are you using an ionising unit or an alkalising filtration unit? If so, please let us know how you have been finding it in the comments below.

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