The Ultimate Alkaline Handbook

Our Ultimate Alkaline Handbook is back!

Totally updated for release in Jan 2019, this edition of the handbook is our best yet. Full colour and with high resolution images, the handbook will become your go to resource and alkaline food index.

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The NEW 2019 edition of the Ultimate Alkaline Handbook

Whats inside this edition?

12 Food categories

We’ve combined a couple of the smaller categories we had listed in previous versions of the handbook to encompass more items in better defined categories.

Over 200 individual foods

We’ve added a number of foods for the 2019 edition to take the total food count well over 200 individual items.

pH “score” for each item

A pH “score” has been added to each item to give you a clearer understanding of how that item may affect your pH balance once eaten.

Important points on each item

More than just a pH score, we now have a short overview of the most important aspects of each item. you can now see the biggest for or against for each.

Full colour images

We’ve included full high resolution images of each item for easy identification and referencing.

Important information pages

New this edition, is the introduction of important information pages so you can understand the effects of acidosis, recognise symptoms of acidosis and much more.

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