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Get up and running as soon as possible in your new SeacretTM business, with our regular training calls.

Training in your new business is paramount to success. Ignore training and you instantly place yourself in a harder position to succeed.

We designed these training calls to give you the information you need to confidently promote your business and grow your customer and agent base in the shortest time.

seacret team training calls
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When you join SeacretTM through us, you will be given our private SKYPE chat address giving you access to join these calls.

Each call last for approximately 1 hour with the first 40-45 minutes on the topic with the remaining time being dedicated to participant Q & A.

These calls cover the top 3 most important elements of your new business.

1. Compensation Plan

Get to know how you will be earning your great income. Learn how different people affect your earning potential depending on their status within your business. We’ll also tell you how to best position new agents in your team to get the maximum income.

Hosted by: Adam Morley

2. Team Building Tips & Objections

Here we go over the different strategies you can use to recruit people to your business and to grow your customer base. We also go through the most common objections people will use when you speak to them about your products and/or business opportunity.

Hosted by: Adam Morley

3. SevenPoint2TM and SeacretTM Skincare Product Overview

Get to know your product lines as we go through each product range and what the best marketing points are for each.

Hosted by: Gina Morley


Been on our Team Training Calls? Leave a comment below so we know how we did.


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