Purchasing SeacretTM Products with Choose Alkaline

Purchasing SeacretTM products needs to be done via the official Choose Alkaline SeacretTM website. You should NEVER purchase SeacretTM (and SevenPoint2TM) products from any unofficial distributor website, this includes ebay. As with most premium products there are unscrupulous sellers of fake product copies that you must avoid for your own well being and safety.

The process is easy and secure and can be done in under two minutes. Please note that the purchase process below is the same for all countries but the screens will look different for other countries and prices will differ. Here we are using the Australian site.

1. Go To The Seacret DirectTM Website

Head over to the official Choose Alkaline – Seacret DirectTM website. You need to be sure that Choose Alkaline is shown in the top left corner of the site. If you are not in Australia you can select the country site version that is local for you.


seacret team training calls
The official Choose Alkaline Seacret DirectTM website.

Be sure you purchase your SeacretTM and SevenPoint2TM products through us, if you see any other name than Choose Alkaline in the top left of the page, you will NOT be purchasing through us and so won’t be eligible for Choose Alkaline specific offers etc.

2. Become a Shopper

It is important that you now tell the system you want to purchase products. Click the Shop Now button to let it know. Depending on the country you selected in step 1, this page will look different for other countries.

seacret team training calls
Be sure to click the SHOP NOW button.

3. Select Your Products

Here you are going to select your products to purchase. You can scroll down through all of the products or on the left hand sidebar, select what product category you would rather shop.

seacret team training calls
Select your chosen product category.

Remember, different countries will have different products available and the pricing will adjust to your chosen country currency.

4. Become a VIP Customer, or Not

Don’t pay the full retail price unless you can’t avoid to. By becoming a VIP customer you will automatically qualify for great price reductions as well as exclusive to VIP offers. To qualify as a VIP customer you will need to purchase a minimum dollar value purchase (only once). Once you are qualified as a VIP customer, you will hold VIP status forever.

Please note, if you have not qualified for VIP customer status, you will be notified during the purchase process.

seacret team training calls
VIP status has not been reached.

If you have selected a product[s] to an amount that qualifies you for VIP status, you will see a message like this below.

seacret team training calls
VIP status has been reached

5. Check Your Cart

Having selected your products, check that the products you are purchasing have been added to your shopping cart in the quantities you chose.

seacret team training calls
Check your shopping cart.

If you have added products that qualifies you for VIP status, the shopping cart will show you how much you will have saved over the retail price.

6. Enter Your Personal Details

At this point you are in the last step of the purchase process. Check to make sure you are purchasing with Choose Alkaline, Gina Morley (ID: 968301).

You will need to add your personal details. If qualified for VIP status, choose a Username. This username will be the name you enter when you return to purchase at VIP price in the future. Ours is Choose Alkaline, you need to think of one for you and check that username has not been used already. Often people use their own name as a username. This username will also be part of your Seacret DirectTM url… for example.


seacret team training calls
Enter your personal details to complete the purchase.

After you have entered your personal details and completed the checkout process you will be an official SeacretTM customer.

7. Check Your Website

Within a few hours of your successful checkout, you will have a website created for you that you can then use to make personal purchases. Once your site is populated, check that your username is displayed properly and that all the links on the site work correctly.

seacret team training calls
Your username should show in the top left corner.


Leave a comment below if you are a VIP customer and let us know how you found your products.


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