The important thing here is to determine why you are acidic in the first place. For almost all of us our diet is the main culprit in our acidity.. and also acidic foods are one of the hardest to overcome.

When we constantly bombard our body with acidic foods and drinks and our body has to use several different mechanisms in order to regulate our blood pH to a safe level. This has severe consequences throughout the body, but remember – the body goes into a complete state of emergency to do this.

While in this ‘state of emergency’ it will do whatever it can to get you to that ‘safe pH level’. It doesn’t need to be back to 7.365…but close enough will do to ensure your body doesn’t go into shock and you die… dead.

[+] This ‘close enough’ is known in the scientific research community as diet-induced acidosis.

Diet-induced acidosis (acidic foods) or sometimes known as net-dietary acid load, occurs when we consume far more acid-forming foods than our body can appropriately deal with, and it leaves our pH just below 7.365.

A pH not low enough to kill us with a minute, but a pH at a level that causes a degree of metabolic imbalance are proven to have direct links to cancer.

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Diet-induced acidity has also been proven to significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis, chronic kidney disease, digestive disorders, gout, uric acid stones, type 2 diabetes/insulin resistance and more.

So, the question by default is.. do I do this the hard way or the easy way?

Doing it the hard way
Change what you eat, it’s that simple. However, it never really is that simple as you’ll have seen from our other posts. Sure some of the recipes we have posted are very simple to follow and result in great nutrient rich, alkaline meals, but the truth is, most of us are just not in the position to follow a strict diet 7 days a week.. and a strict diet you must follow if you want to be alkaline from your food alone.

We can identify if a specific food will be acidic by asking a few questions of it before we purchase or eat it.

1: Is it refined?
The refining process in the vast majority of foods makes them acidic as a result. They generally add a lot of calories to your diet, when compared to the amount of nutrients they contribute. The refining process refers specifically to carbohydrates such as grains and sugars. Almost all prepackaged foods have some form of high carbohydrate content.

2: Is it or does it contain dairy?
These foods and that food group (dairy) are highly acid forming. For us to process dairy in our bodies we must draw relatively huge amounts of minerals from our body (bones).

3: Is it fermented?
Fermented foods have their place in our diets, but that does not mean they don’t take a toll on our bodies in return. The fermentation process, though natural, produces a very high amount of acidity as a result.

4: Does it contain gluten?
Gluten is one of the most acid forming foods we know of today. The inflammatory levels from gluten are unmatched by any other food.

5: Does it contain yeast?
This is a big one. Yeast is up there with sugars as one of the highest acidic and acid forming foods we eat.

6: Does it contain sugar?
Here it is, the biggest one of all. Sugars, refined sugars particularly are the worst culprits in forming an acidic body. All sugars, natural and refined will raise your acidity levels to unhealthy levels. Simply put, if you have sugar in it, then it’s acidic.. period.

Fully changing our diet requires a lot of discipline and dedication. There is little point in changing some things and not others but, that’s not to say you shouldn’t cut out specific types of foods and work your way up to all of the acidic and acid forming foods. Think moderation.

Some of the most acidic foods and drinks are:

  • coffee, black tea and alcohol
  • chocolate
  • honey and jams
  • processed syrups
Coffee, delicious.. but very acidic

I was never able to follow a 100% alkaline diet from the word go.. I just couldn’t do it.

Today however I am far more used to eating better (as in very few acidic foods) than I’ve ever been.

For me, I was able to cut out specific foods and food groups rather easily. Dairy was the easiest for me. I generally only had milk in coffee and on cereal in the mornings. Switching to a protein shake in the mornings meant that I had cut out almost all of the daily dairy intake I was having.

I still have a coffee now and again each week, but today I’m able to “cheat” somewhat. I cheat by having a specific alkaline supplement program.

This alkaline supplement program is the easy way.

Doing it the easy way

Eating an alkaline diet (low to no acidic foods) for most is not that attractive. Even though we can still enjoy a salad etc, they just don’t pack the flavour punch that other foods do. Not to mention they aren’t the most filling of meals. Now I know some of you will cry “foul” at me having said that, but that’s OK.

I know I’m not alone when I don’t relish the idea of eating lettuce all the time.

This is where the supplements come in to play. At Choose Alkaline we have chosen to partner with SevenPoint2 (7.2) to bring you what we consider to be the very best alkaline nutritional supplements.

These supplements cover everything from Alkaline Boosters through to a full weight loss program.

So why is this the easy way, well because you can continue to eat your normal everyday diet* and still become alkaline by having an Alkaline Booster capsule (or 2) after a full meal.

* There should be some reduction in acidic food intake to be most effective.

The 3 main Alkaline supplement areas are:

I benefit from these supplements on a daily basis, not because I’m lazy but because I don’t have the time to eat properly. Some days if I have acidic foods, a steak for example, rather than asking for a glass of alkaline water (which I know no restaurant offers) I can take 2 Alkaline Booster capsules about an hour or two after the meal knowing that this will assist me in reaching an alkaline state without my body having to give up minerals from my bones combating the added acidity levels I’m forcing it to deal with.

Perfectly acceptable with the right supplements

The important thing to remember when going down the road of supplements is that they are meant to supplement a diet, not to replace it.

However, we can replace meals with supplements and the 7.2 Shake is just the thing here.

The 7.2 Shake is my go to lunch when I don’t have time for lunch.

Thursdays for example are hard days for me. I have a fixed routine that only I can fill and it doesn’t include lunch. With my 7.2 Shake I can drink it while I drive and all the time knowing that I’m having a fully nutritious meal as I do so.

You could say it’s two birds with one stone, but really it’s three birds with one stone.

1, I’m having a fully nutritious meal, 2, keeping my routine and 3, helping to keep alkaline all at the same time.

sevenpoint2 logo

You can benefit from the alkaline supplements offered by SevenPoint2 by clicking on the image below.

sevenpoint2 product bannerFor orders above a specific amount ($ amount depends on your location) you will be able to purchase products up to an amazing 60% OFF the standard retail price not just for that order but for all subsequent orders you place after that. This is called VIP pricing.

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If you are using the 7.2 supplements in your alkaline lifestyle let us know in the comments below how you are finding them, we’d love to know your story.

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