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For a long time there has been a major separation between increasing our physical state of health and increasing our incomes. All to often, these are mutually exclusive. You may have the funds to buy all the right foods yet don’t have the time to prepare them because of the hours you work.. or you have plenty of time on your hands but lack the funds to support a healthy lifestyle. Today though we have a business opportunity that will cover both of these.

There is a way to get healthy and to earn an income from doing so.

In this post, I’m going to share with you an incredible opportunity that will allow you to do both, increase your health and your income, at the same time.

Those of you who have followed Choose Alkaline for a while now know that we never do paid interviews or product reviews.. never. What we share with you is what we do, what we use and what we will use.

Part of how we are able to bring you always free content is because we are able to monetize our site through referral links to great, relevant products that we have tried, that are listed on sites such as Amazon.. but this opportunity is focused on you guys.

seacret direct business opportunity
There is nothing stopping you from getting healthy and paid for it.

You can be the difference in your life and those around you.

Cutting to the chase, this is a relationship marketing business opportunity. Now before you say to yourself “oh one of those again”... think about the whole theme of this site, have you not had to change your thinking on health up to this point?

Then why keep your mind stuck in a 9-5 work mentality?

Considering that automation has replaced millions of paid jobs for humans already and that this rate of replacement is only accelerating, your normal 9-5 job will not be the same in 10 years time. Change now or get left behind then.

In our search for great supplementary alkaline focused products, we came across SeacretTM. We made contact with them to see what their products were about and got blown away with what we saw.

The products
Firstly, their 7.2 Alkaline range of products are totally original and of the absolute highest quality.

seacret direct sevenpoint2 alkaline products
The 7.2 range of products

You will have noticed that we love the 7.2 Alkaline range of products so much that we promote them on the sidebar of our posts here at The need for products like these in today’s hectic lifestyles cannot be emphasized enough.

  • protein shakes
  • alkaline booster capsules
  • bio-hydrogen capsules
  • essential alkaline greens powder
  • essential alkaline greens capsules

In addition to their groundbreaking 7.2 Alkaline range of products, SeacretTM have a range of skin care products that are built around the Dead-Sea minerals concept.

seacret direct skin care products
The SeacretTM range of Dead Sea mineral skin care products

The SeacretTM skincare range of products in keeping with their 7.2 Alkaline range is a worlds first. Using minerals from the Dead Sea in Isreal, SeacretTM have developed a range of products that induce health and vitality to our bodies like nothing before.

  • body care
  • dedicated mens range
  • age defying
  • hair care
  • facial care

The business opportunity
The SeacretTM business opportunity is another first for the company. They are the only company that has moved from a billion dollar, 100% retail model (stalls, booths etc in major shopping malls) to a relationship/network marketing model. It’s accepted that 1-in-7 people have seen or heard of SeacretTM before.. now that’s a warm market!

seacret direct banner
An overview of relationship marketing

In relationship marketing, you promote the products to friends, business associates, social media friends and people who you build a relationship with, in the aim to make sales.. simple as that.

This is not a system of being paid to recruit people, you don’t get paid for doing that.

A minimum of 51% of all sales volume must be from customer sales. Sure you can enrol (sponsor) other agents into your success team, but SeacretTM don’t pay you for enrolling people.. only on product sales.  Did I forget to mention that this is also an industry first pioneered by SeacretTM?

So what can you earn?  Well this question always has had and always will have one simple answer.. your income will be directly proportionate to how you apply yourself and how much effort you are willing to invest.  Don’t put in any effort and don’t expect to earn much income… put in lots of effort and expect to earn lots of income, simple.

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Earn 3 types of income at once.

As a SeacretTM Agent, you can earn payments from the company based on a number of factors.

Active Income
This you earn by being proactive and selling products at the retail price or to VIP customers who get a discount off the retail price by purchasing a specific dollar amount or more.

Passive Income
This you earn as a result of the combined efforts of your success team. The more agents you have in your organisation, the more income you will earn as a result of their sales.

Residual Income

You can earn this residual income even if you have a months vacation. Your team/organisation will generate income for you long after you have done the initial recruiting.

At present, SeacretTM are only operating in a limited number of countries.

United States, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam and Japan (correct at time of writing).

We are actively looking for people who are dedicated to building a work from home business who live in the USA!

seacret direct banner

As a very special offer for long term readers and guests of we have managed to secure a top international SeacretTM Business Associate who is willing to work with people that we direct from who are 100% committed to creating a work from home business, this is no small thing friends.

What does it mean to be sponsored by a top agent?

When you start your business opportunity, it helps to have somebody who can show you the ropes as it were. A “sponsor” differs from an “enroller” in that a sponsor will work with you to achieve your goals. An enroller will simply thank you for joining their team. A top agent sponsor is golden! If you are willing to apply yourself they can guide you on the fastest and most profitable path in your business knowing that they have been there and done that.

If you want more information on this opportunity, click the Request Info’ button and fill in the short form.

If you have questions about joining this opportunity then feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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