The answer to this common question is both YES and NO. On the surface this may sound like a contradiction, but on deeper thought it really isn’t. Being acidic isn’t a black and white issue.

As Einstein once said… “everything is relative

So why is it relative? Let’s remember that in everything we eat there are micro effects and macro effects. Just as in a micro view and a macro view. As a recap then;

Micro effects: Individual
These are the effects that all foods have on the body in the immediate to short term. Some of these effects we may be able to notice physically, like a caffeine hit, some we will not be able to notice, like sugar levels raising… unless you are diabetic that is.

Macro effects: Compounding
These are the long term effects that all foods have on the body. Again, some of these we may notice, like diabetes if we are obese with a poor sugar rich diet, some we may not as readily notice, like premature aging. Ultimately, we will always notice macro effects at some stage in our life.

We need to apply the micro/macro definition to the word “make” in the question “will eating meat make me acidic?” and also be specific as to what we mean by “eating”... Does eating mean once per week or once per day?

acidic meat
Meat in moderation is fine for an alkaline lifestyle.

We have to be sure we understand the question rather than presuming we do.

So simply put, eating meat (once per day) will make us acidic (long term), yet eating meat (once/twice per week) will not make us acidic (longer term). So you can see there that the answer is really Yes and No and both are perfectly correct when taken in context to how we define the question.

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I’ve used the example of eating apples in other posts as to moderation. Eating an apple per day is just fine, yet if you eat 100 per day you will probably develop sclerosis of the liver.  So should we conjecture that eating apples is bad for us?

Now then, short term (micro effect), eating meat regardless of how often will for a time make us acidic, but even then it depends on the amount we eat at any one time. A single steak for example will not definitively make us acidic if our body has sufficient of an alkaline buffer to process that acidity in our gut. Consume 2 or 3 steaks and that paints a very different picture.

If we overload our stomach with too much meat, the resulting acidity in that meat and produced by that meat will potentially not be processed by our body before that acidity is passed onto our large then small intestines. This acidity is then transported throughout our body and our body goes into “emergency mode” and attempts to neutralise this acidity by drawing on minerals from our bones.

acidic bone loss
Demineralised bones on the left -V- healthy bones on the right.

The question then isn’t “will eating meat make me acidic?” rather it should be “how much meat will lead to acidosis?

There are just as many unhealthy vegans and vegetarians as there are acidic meat eaters.

To claim for example that being vegan or vegetarian is the path to health or permanent alkalinity is false.  it simply isn’t true.  I could be a 100% vegan or vegetarian convert yet still eat foods that are highly acidic or acid causing… not healthy. That diet, though totally meat and dairy free could be so detrimental to my health that I become very sick indeed… and would have never tasted a bacon sandwich at all.

Alternatively, I could eat meat regularly (say a few times per week) and have an alkaline body thanks to the varied alkalising fruits, vegetables and supplements I offset that meat with.

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Moderation is the key.  You can see what sort of foods are alkaline and what are acidic in this food chart below.

Being alkaline is a choice made based on common sense, not extreme reaction.

  • eat less of known acidic foods or at least in moderation
  • learn what foods are acidic and acidic forming
  • eat more known alkaline foods
  • increase your alkaline buffer with alkaline supplements

To a greater or lesser extent, most foods will make us acidic, but it depends also on what is meant by “making,” long term acidic or short term?

If you have been enjoying an alkaline lifestyle then please feel free to tell us your story in the comments below, we’d love to hear it.

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