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The Dangers Of Dairy

There are lots of contrasting arguments over the consumption of dairy. Like with the Sugar and Tobacco industries before them, the main "for dairy"...

Molecular Hydrogen, SevenPoint2 Recovery

10 Reasons To Use Molecular Hydrogen 1. Improves skin/fights aging – Molecular hydrogen is considered a novel antioxidant for combating oxidative damage in skin and...

Acidosis, Your Skin and How To Treat Them Both

Eczema, acne or dermatitis, all stem from acidosis. A chemical imbalance within our body that is shown as one of those skin (inflammation) conditions.I...

Become More Alkaline and Less Acidic

Being more alkaline is a change in lifestyle, not just a week long change in diet. With all of the best intentions, becoming more alkaline...

Get Alkaline Healthy and Paid For It

For a long time there has been a major separation between increasing our physical state of health and increasing our incomes. All to often,...

Alkaline Booster Capsules by SevenPoint2

 The 7.2 Alkaline Booster helps neutralise the effects of acid-forming foods. Other benefits include improved sleep, boosted vitality, enhanced physical and mental energy and...

Sugar Industry Exposed as Liars!

This is a re-post of a New York Times article about the sugar industry and their dirty lies. Just when you thought I was conspiratorial...
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