Today I’m going to share with you a part transcript if you will, from a phone conversation I had with top Seacret DirectTM associate Gina Morley. Gina has been instrumental in building several large and successful relationship marketing teams around the world. Based in Australia, Gina is building a large SeacretTM team with customers and agents who are friends of

In 2018, joined with Gina as an authorised distributor for Seacret DirectTM so you can purchase their amazing alkalising and skin care products and even opt to join their fantastic work from home business opportunity.

How long have you been in relationship marketing?

It’s around 12 years now, off and on. I started when I was at home with my two boys, they were at school at that time (7 and 9).

What was it that attracted you to relationship marketing?

It was for sure the opportunity to be able to work and earn an income on my own terms. I was able to do the school mum thing as well as build a (then) small team that got me that extra income I needed each month. Boys at that age grow out of uniforms at an alarming rate. Admittedly, it wasn’t the type of income that gets you personal treatment from the bank manager, but it was income that I earned on my terms.

Did you find it hard to juggle those conflicting responsibilities?

Not at all. Family comes first in anything I do so if it was ever a decision between work or family, work lost out. Like I said, I wanted to work on my terms so I made sure I did just that.

How long did it take you to start earning an income from it?

1 week. I had my first commission payment exactly 7 days after I joined that particular opportunity. That said, it took about 6 months before I was earning an income that matched my prior JOB. Still, not bad for a first timer I reckon. Today though with Facebook and the internet there’s no reason why you couldn’t start earning right from your first day. These days, I get a commission payment from Seacret DirectTM each and every Monday.

In a nutshell, what is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing or network marketing whatever you want to call it is essentially being paid to refer a product or service provided by another company to a third party. Like how you say to somebody “you should give this a try, it’s worked great for me“. In that example you referred/recommended a product to somebody but don’t get paid by the manufacturer for doing so. In relationship marketing you do get paid if the person you referred to makes a purchase.

So you will have to try the products first right?

Not as a rule no. It does help if you have because you can promote the products with a personal testimony on how they helped you, but “have to try” isn’t required. Look at it this way, if I offered you, a man, $1,000,000 per year to promote medical breast implants, would you insist on “trying them” so you can give a real testimony as to how they worked for you? Of course not… but you can give the testimony of thousands of other people who have had them and how they literally changed their lives. It’s the exact same principal here.

What did you mean a moment ago by JOB?

JOB, or Just Over Broke. It’s a common marketing term to refer to standard 9-5 employment. Just over broke is true as in most cases people are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque. If you have a credit card that you can’t pay off each month, then you are broke because you cannot maintain your lifestyle without borrowing money from somewhere. That’s an early warning sign that you are living outside of your means, either reduce your outgoings or increase your income.

Today you work with Seacret DirectTM, why them?

Oh you know the answer to that… I’ve been health conscious or maybe I should call it health service cautious ever since my youngest son was wrongly diagnosed as having osteomyelitis. Had I trusted the doctors, yes more than one, he would have had his leg amputated at the knee. So since then, I’ve been the one who decided what happened in regards to my families health care and even back then I started to learn about acidity and alkalinity of the human body. Seacret DirectTM in my opinion have the best products available anywhere in the world not just in an alkaline lifestyle but their skin care range also.

So you joined for the products?

You mean did I join the business opportunity for access to the products? Not at all. I would have bought the products regardless even if Seacret DirectTM were still a retail only company. For me though, it was a bonus that they offered a business opportunity. Luckily, they (Seacret DirectTM) use a binary referral system and this is my area of expertise let’s say. I’d been out of relationship marketing for a few years to run my online beauty store (Adonai Beauty) but I later on had the time to work the Seacret DirectTM opportunity so I joined.

How much do you earn today from this?

Seriously, that’s an irrelevant question. I earn more than most but less than some. Besides, with this type of opportunity as offered by Seacret DirectTM, what you earn is up to you. Put in no effort and expect to earn nothing, put in plenty of focused effort and expect to be rewarded for that. I earn based on my efforts and I work very hard. I have sponsored people who have done nothing and earn nothing and conversely I’ve sponsored people who make my business look small.

Normally you only sponsor a specific type of person, why is that?

Well… like I just said, I’ve sponsored people in the past who did nothing with the opportunity. I had to invest my time and even money in some cases helping and mentoring those people and for what.. for them to do nothing with it. That taught me a valuable lesson, that people will value something for as much as they paid for it. That’s why today I am very specific as to who I will sponsor. Sponsoring the right people is key to a successful team and I don’t want to work with people who want everything handed to them on a plate or who are not prepared to put in effort for themselves. This is my Seacret DirectTM business, my time and my money, so I only work with people who I want to work with. This isn’t get rich quick, you need to work at it so that’s why I’m very fussy let’s say these days.

So why then are you willing to sponsor people who come from

I have a very successful team currently that has a number of great leaders who do a fantastic job of running my downline. I have the time now to spend with people who are perhaps new to relationship marketing so I can mentor them to build for themselves a great business. Being part of allows me to offer this mentorship to those who would otherwise not normally qualify for it.

What are the most common objections to relationship marketing?

Oh where do I start with that one… I have heard most if not all of the objections people through out, from “I don’t have the time” through to “it’s pyramid selling“. Most objections are just questions people raise out of fear. Fear of the unknown that’s all and some are out of plain ignorance. If I was able to start and run my own business as a single mum of two school age children, anybody can do it so I simply will not accept objections such as “I don’t have the time.”  If you have time to watch TV or use Facebook, you have time to run your own business from home. 99% of all objections are people looking for an excuse why they wouldn’t be able to succeed… a fear of success oddly. If a person has the mentality that they can only focus on a reason[s] why they could possibly not succeed, they will focus on that without exception… just basic human psychology.  I know a marketeer who earns 6 figures per year… and is agoraphobic… haven’t left their home in 5 years… and they can make a success of this opportunity… anyone can… if they want to.  Most people don’t want to change so if they can find any excuse to stay where they are they’ll jump all over it.

So what is pyramid selling?

My guess is it has something to do with Egyptian real-estate. People look at a networking business structure and shout “pyramid” because there are more associates at the bottom of a matrix than at the top. So take ANY “standard” business, they have 1 CEO, under them there are 2+ directors, under them there are 4+ senior managers, under them there are 8+ middle managers and under them there are 16+ workers… and I’m being overly basic here intentionally. Now if you call that example company say Apple Computer Inc, people go all watery eyed and want its products, yet call the company Acme Network Marketing and that very same structure is called a “pyramid selling” company by those same people.

Without sounding too derogatory, the people who call everything “pyramid selling” are just like those who say the Earth is flat. You just cannot reason with them. It comes from pure ignorance and/or willful ignorance. When I hear somebody call networking “pyramid selling”, I roll my eyes and think “another flat Earth prospect”.

I’m intrigued as to why you won’t tell people how much they could earn?

Well… it’s actually quite simple really.  Most people know how to dream of a large income, but those same people normally cannot relate to earning a large income.  If someone earns say $70K – $80k per year in their JOB, they can only relate to $4K – $5K per month deposited in their accounts.. now ask that person to imagine having $40K – $50K per month deposited in their accounts and they just simply cannot relate to that and invariably think “it’s a scam.”  Likewise, ask somebody who is earning $3M – $5M per year in their relationship marketing opportunity to imagine having “only” $50K per month deposited in their account and they will inevitably think “there’s no way I’m going to survive with such a massive pay cut.”  What i or somebody else earns has absolutely no bearing on what you or anybody could earn. Besides, tell somebody they can earn let’s say $250K a year, if they get past the “it’s a scam” mental barrier, they then normally come back with “you’d need your own business to earn money like that“… well, perhaps the term “business opportunity” could be just that… an opportunity to have your own business?

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But people don’t really earn $3M – $5M do they?

Yes they do, and thanks for proving my previous point.  Many people in SeacretTM earn millions of dollars each year, you as yet cannot relate to that so it seams impossible, but it’s not to say it doesn’t happen. Look at it this way, SeacretTM offer and pay out bonuses, not total commissions but bonuses of $1.5M when you reach a specific level within the company… so if you receive a bonus payment of $1.5M how much do you think you would have been earning in commissions up to that point?

So how do people find customers or agents to join their team?

There are literally hundreds of ways to build both a customer base and an agent base for your business. When I started, we didn’t have social media like we have today. Facebook for example allows someone in say Australia to have customers and agents in say Canada. What you’re asking is part of what makes a good sponsor, as a good sponsor will help new agents to find customers etc. Remember, relationship marketing has been around for decades so it’s not just Facebook and websites that attract customers and agents.

Why do you think relationship marketing has had such a bad wrap in the past?

Well… like any industry you get the good and the bad. In the past, let’s say 15-20 years ago, there wasn’t as much regulation in this industry as there is today. Actually, today, relationship marketing is one of the most heavily regulated industries and this is a good thing. One problem that still exist today is that people remember the “bad old days” without knowing that we are in practice a totally new industry. You also have to contend with the lack of critical thought people have. It genuinely is only those who can apply critical though and have an entrepreneurial mentality who can see the value in relationship marketing. Also we have to contend with those who tried relationship marketing and failed… they always say “it’s no good” or “you’ll never make any money in it“… but who wants to take inspiration from someone who failed?

What would one of those better changes be?

One of the best changes and one that has been pioneered by Seacret DirectTM is the change to how new agents are managed. In the past (and Seacret DirectTM never did this by the way), was to allow people to build a team of just agents rather than agents and customers. This allowed you to earn simply by recruiting people (agents) to your team all day long without selling any products. Seacret DirectTM actually only allow 49% of any Business Volume (products sold) to be from agent recruitment. The other 51% must be from customer product sales.

If somebody joins your team, what do you expect from them?

Oh that’s a great question. I expect them to be focused on attaining their life goals through this opportunity. That may sound all Anthony Robbins but it’s very important to set life goals. If somebody told me they wanted to earn say $1K a month then I’d expect them to put in the work needed to earn that amount. Likewise, if somebody wanted to earn enough to pay off their mortgage in 2-3 years time, I’d expect that level of commitment from them. I’m not here to build a business for people but to work with those who genuinely will do what is needed to achieve their life goals.

Is it expensive to start this opportunity?

It’s not expensive at all. In Australia for example, it only costs $70 to join as an agent. So tell me, how many opportunities are there out there were you can start your own business for just $70? Anyhow, the word “expensive” is open to individual interpretation. Is $170 expensive or even $500 expensive? Normally, for someone to qualify for my personal mentorship, I had a minimum product purchase investment at signup of $600 that they must spend. If they didn’t purchase $600 worth of products when they joined, they didn’t qualify for my one-on-one mentor-ship. So if they invested just $670 they get my experience for free… now that’s a good deal considering some marketing gurus charge $500 just to attend their seminars for a few hours.

Is that fair to ask people to do that?

To pay $500 for a 2 hour seminar you mean? Of course it’s fair. Look, I once converted a free piece of advice I got from a 10 minute phone conversation in to $30K in sales in under 2 months. That same free advice has made me thousands more since… if I’d have paid $1K, $2K or even $10K for that 10 minutes it still would have been a price worth paying…  and it’s fair to ask people to spend some money to qualify for my mentorship.  Why should a sponsor invest time, effort and money in you if you aren’t prepared to invest your time, effort and money in yourself?  Besides, savvy entrepreneurs look at the value they get out of something, not just the price they pay for it.

Realistically, how easy is it to work from home?

What sort of a question is that?  It’s the easiest thing in the world.  You get out of bed like you do everyday but rather than driving to a JOB you walk to your home office of kitchen table.  Who would consider that difficult?  What I think you’re really asking is, how easy is it to give up your day JOB and just work from home?  Just like the answer for the income question, it depends on a person’s commitment. If they follow my guidance they will have success, if they don’t, maybe they won’t. Again, that’s simple. When I very first started in relationship marketing it took me 6 months of around 3-5 hours per day to get to the same income level as my prior full time real estate day JOB. Some may take longer than that, some have done it in much less time than that.

From your experience, why do new marketeers give up?

That’s easy, one of 2 reasons 99% of the time. First off, they give up because they listen to all the hype around earning $1M in the first year etc and then they get disheartened when they clearly won’t.  Unless you are a very experienced relationship marketer with a huge downline or customer base ready to move with you to Seacret DirectTM, you’re not going to earn $1M in the first year, you’re just not. The second reason is that they expect to earn a residual income from no input. Again, they fall for the hype around residual income sold by some people and unless you have done the hard yards to build a team that genuinely does earn you residual income, you’re not going to earn it right off the bat.  Look at me for example, I’ve done the hard work and my business earns me income while I talk to you, you’re not paying me to talk to you, but my business is.

What advice would you give somebody who is thinking of joining as an agent?

Join, now! You will only truly have failed if you don’t give it a go.

I use this example with people I talk to;

Scenario 1: Imagine you have a mortgage, car payments, credit cards etc, you earn $60K per year and you found a new JOB that paid $20K more… would you take that new JOB yes or no?  Everyone I have ever asked this to says yes. So then, after 3 months your new boss tells you don’t come back Monday. You just gambled 100% ($60K) of your secured income to make just 33% ($20K) more.. and lost it all.  Maybe even lost your house, your car, everything.

Scenario 2: You have the same secure $60K income and expenses as in the first scenario however, with the Seacret DirectTM opportunity you pay just $70 (0.1% of $60K) or whatever you paid if you bought products, to have the option and opportunity of earning 100% ($120K), 200% ($240K), 300% ($480K) more than you do now, whatever income you are prepared to work to obtain.. and you can still keep your secure $60K per year JOB in the meantime as a safety net.

Which of those two scenarios is the no-brainer? But which one do you think most people would end up opting for?


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So why are more people not doing relationship marketing?

Actually, more people are doing relationship marketing, it’s the fastest growing employment sector in the world.

It’s down to human psychology again. Humans are creatures of habit and training. Most people think this only refers to smoking or biting your finger nails, but it is much deeper than that.  Getting up to go to a JOB 5 days per week for 40 years is a result of mental training and that forms a habit.  It’s not a necessity, I don’t do it and hundreds of thousands of marketeers don’t do it, so it’s not required. The habit forms when we go to a JOB and a month later we get an amount of money in our account. Lab rats do the same, they press the button and they get a food reward, training. They then struggle to find food for themselves once the button is removed because they have formed a habit.  Once you are used to working for a month (pressing the button) to get your pay (food reward), this becomes a habit that’s hard to get out of, hard because it requires a change in mentality. I could go on and on about this but let’s leave it there.


What can we take from these questions?

  • if you want to succeed with Seacret DirectTM, you can do
  • some people are afraid they will succeed
  • for every objection to an opportunity there is a solution or answer
  • the only thing preventing us from succeeding really is us ourselves

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